Addie "Atrak" Nolan

Full name: Adelaide Mei-Chun Nolan

Hometown: Kensington, MD

Year: Senior

Major: Materials Science and Engineering

Jersey number: 21

Embarrassing moment: Intentionally walked in to the men's bathroom at a tournament thinking that there wouldn't be anyone in there and congratulating myself for being oh so clever to avoid the lines at the women's bathroom. But there was someone in there. At the urinal.

Addie Nolan was a wee freshman when she discovered the joys of ultimate frisbee. She was reluctant to join at first because the players all looked surprisingly cool and athletic but she reasoned that frisbee was a "college sort of thing to do" and so she might as well try it. She had no idea how to play, and if we're being honest here, no real notion of how field sports worked. But after her first practice and first taste of incompetently throwing a flick into the sideline, she was hooked. Addie has played all four years at Cornell and has marginally improved her throwing and cutting since her inauspicious beginnings as a player. Her connections on and off the field have also grown since she was a freshman, and having such strong, beautiful, and silly friends is probably her favorite part of being a Rose. Outside of playing ultimate, she likes to cook, juggle, play the piano, and be a general idiot with her friends (and sometimes with strangers too). She hopes she has gotten to be "cool" and "athletic" but probably isn't cool yet.