Bethany "Toots" Angeliu

Hometown: Clifton Park, NY

Year: Junior

Major: Industrial and Labor Relations

Jersey number: 6

Most Embarassing Moment: When I was maybe 3 or 4, I woke up from a nap and walked out to go get the mail from the mailman -- without any pants on. That man still goes to my church, and my mom likes to tell that story every time our family is together.

I played with a pickup group pretty regularly throughout high school…just a bunch of fellow nerds from the robotics team (as well as some who weren’t) who met after school twice a week. Well, you can imagine what the gender ratio looked like. But I like to think that it gave me a lot of practice throwing farther, and a desire to play at a higher level with some rules and structure in college. So I went to tryouts and I met the teams and saw that my wildest dreams could come true, and I've been playing for the last 3 years! My favorite part of being Rose is watching my teammates grow from being timid newbies to strong, confident players and sharing that transformation with them. I came to Cornell as a prospective bio major, but because of the wealth of opportunities at the university I was able to discover ILR as a study that I am truly passionate about, as well as many other opportunities to engage in the Cornell community.