Dena Behar

Hometown: Lower Merion, PA

Year: Freshman

Major: Government

Jersey number: 2

Most embarrassing moment: I was walking in a crowded airport in Phoenix and needed to pee. So I walk, probably with my face down looking at my phone, into the FULL men's bathroom. They all turn and laugh at me as I quickly run away while trying to hide my embarrassment.

I started playing ultimate my freshman year of high school when my best friend convinced me it was much more fun and cooler than crew (she was right). Since that fateful spring, I have been completely obsessed with ultimate and have made tons of friends playing it. I decided to come to Cornell because the arctic-like weather is just too irresistible and walking up hills is a great workout for your calves. I knew coming into my freshman year that I wanted to join the Roses because I needed friends and a way to satisfy my obnoxiously competitive spirit. But, in all seriousness, joining the Roses has been the best decision I've made so far at Cornell. Everyone is incredibly nice and supportive and they have all become my close (and only) friends. #WLU