Emily "Doz" Lasher

Number: 4
Year: Freshman
Major: Global and Public Health Sciences 
Hometown: Cobleskill, NY
Position: cutter

What do you do outside of frisbee?
hike, canoe, camp, and swim in the Adirondacks, watch Parks and Rec and other various sitcoms, jam to Hamilton

What is your favorite Roses memory?
The Rochester one day tournament was so cold but so much fun. From rapping Stereo Hearts in Buttercup's car, to Sprite teaching me how to layout for the first time in the mud in the cold pouring rain, to playing Thorny who were wearing amazing costumes, it was a wonderful day.

What's your favorite tournament food?
Pretzels with peanut butter!

How did you get your nickname?
The nickname "Doz" comes from the word "dozen" because apparently I got a little excited to go to Crispy Creme in Scranton, PA and "donut" just doesn't have a good ring. I continued to sleep for every car ride of every tournament (in Sami's trunk) so we decided the name was quite fitting.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Ham and pineapple or white pizza with broccoli

Fun/weird facts?

   -I'm allergic to corn (like corn starch, corn syrup etc.)

   -I once won a lip syncing contest by roller skating on stage to the Canadian National Anthem.