Emily "Waka" Nishiwaki

Number: 15
Year: Sophomore
Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Position: Cutter

What do you do outside of frisbee?
I listen to music. I also enjoy getting boba with friends.

What is your favorite roses memory?
One sad night during fall semester when Soups and I were feeling motivated, we went to the 6th floor of Upson and used an abandoned stairwell to do a 10 minute Ab workout at 11pm.

What's your favorite tournament food?
Water, Nutella peanut butter sandwiches. Apples.

What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Chicken, pineapple, mushrooms

What's your hidden talent? 
Falling asleep anywhere.

Any other fun/weird fact(s), likes, dislikes:

- I'm in Gryffindor!
- I like chicken nuggets and dumplings a lot. I also get "rice withdrawal" if I don't eat rice for over a week.