Hannah "Chip" Rudin

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia

Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jersey number: 12

Most embarrassing moment: I was studying in Sage Atrium and got aggressively asked out by a guy I didn't know. After I was finally able to tell him no (I already have a boyfriend... among other reasons), he said, "Well I don't want to tempt you then. If your boyfriend really makes you happy, you should stay with him... even if someone better comes along." Thanks for the advice.

I started playing Ultimate at summer camp when I was 11 and I guess you could say it was love at first sight (awww). I played at camp every summer after that and then decided to play on my high school team during junior and senior year. I knew I wanted to join when I came to Cornell and played on Thorny freshman and sophomore year before finally making the Roses at the beginning of my junior year. I love being on the Roses because everyone on the Roses is inspiring to me. I chose Cornell because I visited the campus and it just felt right... I liked the outdoorsy vibe here. My favorite thing about going to Cornell has been how much I've grown here as a person (because I'm obviously not any taller) and how I've been lucky enough to meet some of the best people in the world here.