Lilly "Kermit" Mendoza

Hometown: Houston, TX

Year: Junior

Major: Chemical Engineering

Jersey number: 8

Favorite TV Show: The Flash

Frisbee came into my life during O-Week of freshman year. Two captains chilled on North campus during a BBQ and told me to tryout for Ultimate frisbee. I decided to try a new sport after 14 years of playing soccer and I’ve been playing for the past two and half years. I decided to come to Cornell because it has a good ChemE program and a project team called AguaClara that I knew I wanted to join to help give countries clean water. My favorite part of being on the Roses is having a family that pushes each other to perform at a high caliber of ultimate and have dance parties at random points in time. My favorite thing about Cornell is that it has a club/team/family for everyone, you just have to go out and find it… or maybe they’ll find you at an O-Week BBQ.