Mei Zhang

Hometown: Danbury "DBLOCK", CT

Year: Senior

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Jersey number: 10

Favorite TV show: The Office ​

I decided to come to Cornell because it was hard to get to, which meant my parents couldn’t just show up whenever they wanted. Now as a swug (senior washed up girl), I wish home was closer because all I really wanna do on weekends is hang out with my parents #regrets. However, Cornell does have some pretty dope “frozen dairy product”, I particularly like the Cookies n’ Cream. I started playing ultimate two years ago when some buddies of mine were doing a summer league and I tagged along for the fun. When I came back to school that fall I started playing with – hot, fire, FLAME –  Thorny and then joined Roses my junior year. Playing ultimate in college was the best decision I’ve made, now I know how many cans of soda fit in a frisbee and how to shotgun a coca cola. But seriously, practicing and playing with such amazing people every day and getting to see them at both their best and worst pushes me to be a better athlete and more importantly, a better person.