Mei Zhang (captain)

Number: 16
Year: Grad
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Danbury, CT
Position: Handler

What do you do outside of frisbee? 
watch women's NCAA volleyball on, I'm jenna gray's #1 fan. girl can get it

What is your favorite roses memory? 
anytime we drink wine

Any other fun/weird fact(s), likes, dislikes: 
likes - cuddling with pups, yuengling, and sneaking food into movie theaters
dislikes - when ppl r obsessed with the asian sesame dressing at terrace, endives, and taking exams on really small lecture hall desks (@hollister B14)

If you had a free plane ticket, where would you go? 
nowhere. I hate plane rides.

What's your favorite tournament food?
motts fruit snacks

What's your hidden talent? 
burning grilled cheese sandwiches.