Michaela "McDuds" Dudley (coach)

Year: Coach / Cornell Law Class of ‘14

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

What do you do outside of frisbee?

In my real life I’m a corporate attorney at a big law firm. My group practices primarily private equity fund formation. I spend most of my free time rolling on the floor with my kittens or playing ultimate in Boston.


What is your favorite Roses memory?

My favorite Roses momemory is watching all of the Roses seniors "graduate" on the field after our last game at Nationals in Cincinnati in 2014. Everyone had worked so incredibly hard all season long, and I know that deciding to go play ultimate instead of attending your college graduation cannot be easy. Getting to see everyone's college academic and athletic careers culminate in such a beautiful fashion was such an honor. I'll never forget what an inspiring feeling it was to know that we had done something great together and that each of them would go on to something great themselves. #wlu


What’s your favorite tournament food?

Hard boiled eggs, preferably pre-peeled.


What are your favorite pizza toppings?

Just a whole bunch of black olives. Possibly arugula if it’s *that* kind of pizza.


Fun/weird facts?

- I’ve lived over a year of my life in Europe because I’ve studied abroad three times: in the Azores, Berlin and Amsterdam.

- I thoroughly enjoy singing and performing in musicals, so much so that I minored in Dramatic Art. And I used to be in show choir.