Tracy "Tonks" Potter

Hometown: Fabius, NY

Year: Grad Student

Major: Veterinary Medicine

Jersey number: 28


Favorite TV Show:  Lost. I was supposed to be in bed on the night when the first episode aired (2004), but couldn't sleep so I crept down the stairs to watch it through the banister and never missed an episode after that. 

My first exposure to ultimate was probably about the age of 10 when a cousin organized a game at a family reunion. Later on I played some pick-up with friends in high school a couple times, and that's when I decided I wanted to play in college. I joined the team at the University of Rhode Island my freshman year; it was tiny, but had so much heart, and that's what made me fall in love with the game #smallstatebigheart I'm now in my fifth year of ultimate, which unfortunately means my eligibility for college ultimate is coming to a close. During my second year at Rhode Island, I changed my major to animal science to pursue a career in veterinary medicine in dairy cows. Turns out Cornell is pretty well known for that so I transferred for my last two years of undergrad and here I am in my first year at the vet school! My favorite part of being at Cornell is the amazing opportunities that we have access to. And my favorite part of being a Rose is the unrelenting weirdness of every single player on the team.